NYU is teaching bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto! As are others!

The digital asset industry has been getting increased attention as of late. And NYU is quick to hop on it and offer its students courses!

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This has been a wild year for global cryptocurrency markets. Name the bitcoin, with it recently smashing passed $11,000. This drew insane interest to the Blockchain industry in general. Even places like New York University are starting to offer courses covering the exciting technology.

Bitcoin class at New York University.

NYU’s Stern School of Business has announced that it is going to offer an option to study bitcoin tech for its students. The US-based private university did offer a crypto course to its graduate students in 2014. However, it wasn’t in high demand. The course has already tended to over 100 enthusiastic students. With more expected to sign up in upcoming years. Chair of the finance at NYU, David Yermack, is quite enthusiastic about his bitcoin course.

Truth is that Blockchain technology can affect every single industry in our lives. In fact, Mr. Yermach even considers it to be as important as double-entry bookkeeping. So, getting professionally acquainted with the underlying technology can definitely open up some crazy career prospects in the future.

NYU isnt the only school to offer bitcoin courses.

 Cyprus’ University of Nicosia offers a digital currency and Blockchain program. I believe that Stanford University also had a bitcoin engineering course about two years ago. Though, it was shut down because of a teacher shortage. Princeton has a bitcoin and cryptocurrency class too. Duke had one as well. There might be some courses out there that I’m missing. But you get the idea, institutional attention is there.

The NYU charges undergraduate students more than $50,000 a year and the University will do the best efforts to find good quality teachers.

The challenges in teaching educating students about bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Well, from a student perspective, most of the Universities that offer these courses, aside from Nicosia, are really freaking expensive. Just look at NYU’s full academic tuition for the year! That’s utterly insane.

Now, from an educator perspective, the technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced. Even though the fundamentals remain the same, these courses will have to be constantly updated. In addition, its kind of hard to come by someone who can actually teach the material properly.

If you can’t get into the schools mentioned above or cough up the cash. Don’t worry, there are really cheap alternatives out there to study the industry.

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