Online Ad Market Deemed Vulnerable to BitClave

Online Ad Market Deemed Vulnerable to BitClave

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Free is a very vague term when it comes to online digital offers. Someone is profiting from services like free search to free mail and chat, regardless of the lack of transactions.

Data and information have become the new digital currency, in which BitClave is trying to exploit with the anticipation of Blockchain, to disseminate and disrupt the online ad market.

Rebuilt search engine

Due to the Internet’s endless vicinity, search engines have become our friend, but they are also an enemy of data. When you are searching or inputting anything on search engines that information gets monetized by these giant search engines which can “sell” it to advertisers. However, this ad market is so flawed that these ads may not even reach you.

Search engines have become our reliable source, but they are also a dangerous enemy of data. When searching or inputting anything into search engines, this information becomes monetized by massive search engines that bargain information to advertisers. Nevertheless, this market is so damaged that the possibility of these ads reaching you are very low.

BitClave believes that they have a solution in which the data provider could receive payment or compensation, including the extermination of online adverts. Previously, data providers have not been compensated for any online advertisement services.

The decentralization of search engines allows parties to mutually benefit from the online advertisement model without associating with a central authority. BitClave believes that their Blockchain model will eliminate third-party ad services.

Trial and success

Navigating through every critical corner of the Internet is an inherent skill and often a talent. When having the determination to put the work in, some people have obtained better ways to find what they want.

BitClave has identified this aspect of online activity as work, as well as a place where valuable information is formed. Therefore they are looking to allow people to have control over what they share, and even allowing them to get paid for it. Through the Blockchain, users are empowered and earning rather than the search engines who happily “sell” your data.

BitClave has announced this aspect of online activity as work, and also a place where relevant information is stored. The services allow people to have complete control over what they share and further allowing them to earn money. Through the Blockchain, users are actively paid instead of the search engine who unhesitantly “sell” your information.

For example, searching for a book through a decentralized search engine such as BitClave can allow you to share the information you’ve collected if you choose. When doing so, the people who want that information, such as bookstores, can provide an offer for the info, regardless of purchasing the book or not.

Retailers and other parties reply to search results with targeted promotions, and users are paid for distributing their valuable information. According to BitClave, every participant in the base system is encouraged by Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT).

Protecting your data from online advertising ownership

BitClave believes that personal data belongs to the users. Therefore the disclosure of such information should be with their admittance.

Unlike the existing system where information is gathered and distributed by online advertisers and centralized search engines who work for collectively for the user’s benefit.

The BitClave search engine helps find precisely what the person is looking for, just as any other search engine, and allegedly provides users with compensation for their data taken directly from any interested retailers. BitClave’s ultimate goal is to eliminate any necessary need for third-party advertising networks.

BitClave raised over $16 million in their successful private and public pre-sale token event. On Nov. 8, 2017, the BitClave team will be launching the full rights of their token to be purchased.

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