Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launches Own Cryptocurrency – Diet Bitcoin

Brother Of Notorious Drug Kingpin Roberto Escobar Launches Own Cryptocurrency

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  • Roberto, Brother of Pablo Escobar launches own digital currency – Diet Bitcoin.
  • Roberto claims his Diet Bitcoin is better than bitcoin.

There seems to be nothing shocking in the blockchain realm anymore, after all the manipulations that have been witnessed in this novel tech environment. A recent report reaching states that the brother of Pablo Escobar, the most notorious drug kingpin ever known, Roberto Escobar, is launching own digital currency which he called Diet Bitcoin (DDX).

Roberto Escobar says DDX would be better than Bitcoin because of it’s improved and enhanced features such as speed and capacity. Diet Bitcoin was made from a fork of Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency by market share, and had a few modifications from its developers to enhance and improve it. However, The Next Web reported that one of the project’s representatives confirmed that Pablo Escobar is involved in the project.

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Currently, forking the Bitcoin network is becoming a popular innovation. Some developers have created an app that enables anybody to fork the Bitcoin network and quickly creates a new crypto token from it.

Roberto is also running an ICO where he offers a sale with a 96% discount for anyone who wants to buy the token. Users can now buy the token at $2, a huge discount from the initial price of $50.

Aside from launching Diet Bitcoin, Roberto also wrote a literature titled “Pablo Escobar’s Diet Bitcoin”. This book contains much information that has to do with the development of the new project and also what motivated Roberto into starting with the project. People can get the book for $8 on Amazon, though it’s free on the project’s official website. Roberto said in the book that Bitcoin was not created by a crypto-anarchist called Satoshi Nakamoto but by the CIA. The book states that bitcoin is nothing more than a CIA inside job.

Diet Bitcoin is created by a brother to a notorious Drug Lord, the question is that won’t this digital currency be a useful tool for drug dealers? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below.

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