Parenting On Blockchain using FamilyPoints Platform

Blockchain Technology

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When Hillary Clinton published a book called It Takes A Village which is a parenting and child-rearing book it meant that parenting is a joint effort from many sources. Even though Clinton’s book became a joke in politics, she had a great concept. There a lot of Baby products on the market. However, some of this which look good and which glow have proven to be dangerous, poisonous, defective or harmful.The public knows the problem about the goods when they have already spend money on them. This is a waste of money more to being a risk to kids. That’s why there has been the emergence of FamilyPoints.

Blockchain to the rescue

Blockchain seems to have a solution when it comes to security and community. In order to protect kids family focused business entrepreneurs have come up with a trust-based platform from Blockchain technology which is called FamilyPoints. In this site people, buyers share honest reviews about products and services.

More to sharing of reviews people are rewarded for using the site, and they can use the rewards as discounts for buying more products. The products offered on this site are high-quality baby products and also great educational content about the products and kids.

Reviews and products knowledge grow on the platform and Blockchain ledger ensures that the information cannot be tampered with. This ensures that the data provided is really honest. This is not easily found in the traditional known product sites.

Experience in a related field

The FamilyPoints group is familiar with child products and parental education. The group already have an existing site which is very successful in the content provided on the internet called Babystep. Babystep which was built in 2015 has created the biggest video library of educational parenting content. The site already has more than 1,150 videos in eight different languages.

Babystep has already won different awards one being the G-Startup which is the biggest startup competition in China. The company already has a subscriber base of 1.5 million people in 2017.
The success by Babystep shows that FamilyPoints platform will become a success proving Clinton’s statement to be true. The company is planning to launch a token sale so as to crowdfund the platform and generate an internal cryptocurrency which will be used on the site by subscribers.

The token will be called FamilyPoints Token (FTP). The tokens will be used for reviews, buying, advertising among other users in the ecosystem. Pre-sale of the tokens will be in December, and the public sale will start on December 10th to 31st December this year.

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