Pilot Blockchain App To be Used In West Virginia In Senate Election

May 8 Election

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West Virginia has been trailing a voting system due to the voter absence in the military. They are using a mobile-based application which utilizes Blockchain technology.

On Thursday, Mac Warner who is the West Virginia secretary of state made a statement that the pilot will be given to the military individuals and also the dependents from the Monongalia and Harrison counties. This is to be done in the May 8 election for West Virginia’s senate election.

Therefore, this application provides the platform for the anonymous and secure vote casting, especially for the absentee residents.

In accordance with the offered white paper in regard to the pilot project, Voatz has been the one offering the technological support. This corporation is a start-up technology-based organization, and previously, it raised close to $2.2 million from the Medici Ventures. This is a subsidiary of Overstock.com which is an online retail giant.

The effort has been brought about due to the current obstacles especially in technology in which the absentees, especially in the military, have encountered with the currently used “cumbersome” system. This is according to warner.

The paper states;

“Absentee ballot systems previously offered to overseas military voters did not ensure anonymity, and many military voters were concerned their mail-in or faxed ballots may not be received in time, or may not be counted. The new mobile voting system resolves these concerns.”

Warner continued to explain that they are devoted to extending the use of this technology to the other 55 counties in the state. This is for use during the general elections in 2018. This will be valid for the current pilot program is rendered successful.

Therefore, the current effort has been to coincide with the legislative move from the representatives of the West Virginia house. They, therefore, are seeking the help of a small group of individuals who would help them form ways in which the Blockchain technology can be adopted in the many government services. This means that apart from using Blockchain technology in elections, they also want other government departments and services to be carried out by the use of the Blockchain technology.

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