Pineapple Fund Says All Funds Have Been Donated

They Wrote a Farewell Post

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A charity dedicated only to Bitcoin, Pineapple Fund has had an accomplishment of the ultimate mission and also made a donation of 5104 bitcoins (BTC) equivalent to $55 million to the non-profit corporations. The creator of the so-called fund made a writing on May 10 in a farewell post.

However, when Bitcoin was close to attaining the high of $20,000 in December, a donor rendered anonymous nicknamed Pine was involved in setting a goal to just give around 5057 bitcoin which were around $86 million during that time. Therefore, this amount might be less by $31 million than what they had anticipated because of the dramatic drop in the 2018 crypto market. The donor, therefore, made a description of the market downturn regarding it as the cryptocurrency “bubble”.

“Timed with the 2017 crypto bubble, 5104 BTC was turned into $55 million for charities. I’m happy and proud of the impact that will come, mostly thanks to the amazing charities and the dedicated people behind them.”

According to the donor report in the website owned by Pineapple Fund, the fund made a donation of $55,750,000 to around 60 world charities. This also supports various projects from the digital right protection to the provision of water to sub-Saharan Africa.

Therefore, this year January, the Pineapple fund made an announcement of the $4 million donation to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) which is a non-profit making organization to make application of MDMA as the PTSD patient’s treatment. Brad Burge made a report that the drug showed; “promising results for treating PTSD, claiming that the new treatment “involves only 3 administrations of a drug that’s been around for over 100 years.”

In February, UNICEF was involved in the launch of a charity drive prompting the various PC gamers to be involved in the mining of Ethereum with the capacity if their graphics card which is high quality. Therefore, gamers could be involved in the UNICEF mining program while away from their PCs and the money accrued from the mining used in the support of the Syrian children.

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