Possibilities that Open Blockchain Technology without Coding

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There are methods in which people can create decentralized applications without writing codes in Blockchain. Similar to the same way which Squarespace opened a website for photoshop, and photo editing. Crowd machine wants to help businesses build and apply apps at the exact development time.

The product is a distributed network which has an embedded ability to make and execute decentralized applications. This technology allows apps to be optimized at a cost and speed on any blockchain. Even if you use Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. The apps which are built and run on the Crowd Machine can be swapped among different blockchains. This is determined by the transaction speed or transaction cost.

The Crowd Machine company aim is to fee apps from having to be tied to specific Blockchains. The developer Of this machine also believes that this will also give a chance for fair market pricing.

Blockchain Doubt

This product will come with an additional Crowd share which will act as a community-owned repository. The crowd share will contain digital assets which will be created using the same crown machine platform. People who will have contributed to the crowd share will be paid everytime the app is used by another person.

The beauty of this Crowd Machine is that programmable smart contracts can also be used without the need for coding. According to the founder of Crowd Machine Craig Sproule: “Smart contracts capabilities are currently limited. This is because blockchain technology is more preferred. Smart contracts flexibility power needs to improve.”

He continued to say that: “The technology we have designed will allow you build very complicated decentralized applications on the Crowd Machine. The Machine will also give you the option to choose the kind of blockchain you prefer to interact with. This will range from cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum among other applications available on the Blockchain

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