Price Analysis of November 3rd: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin with market analysis.

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There is one rumor performing the rounds was the Chinese ban on bitcoin trading is likely being lifted. The news boosted Bitcoin’s value higher yesterday. Nevertheless, a parting idea by Huobi poured water that is cold on the expectations. As an outcome, Bitcoin rates are correcting from the highs of theirs.

While Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, plus a number of others are warning of a bubble in Bitcoin, the renowned investor Bill Miller is smiling away towards the bank account. His fund is up 70 % this season. Miller had invested approximately 30% of his fund’s property in Bitcoin in early 2016.

Somewhere else, several central banks are attempting to stifle the usage of Bitcoin by banning it. Nevertheless, the magnificence of cryptocurrencies is they’re not managed by anyone. The marketplace shall determine the importance. Although the ban could make it hard to make use of Bitcoin in the industry, it’s not likely to influence trading activity.


Bitcoin has rebounded sharply from the trendline assistance and it is trying to break out of the ascending channel.

Although couldn’t support it, on Sunday, the cryptocurrency broke above the resistance type on the ascending channel. Although the ascending channel is a stiff opposition and also the RSI is displaying a bad divergence, we think that in case the electronic currency once again breaks from the channel, it’s apt to gain rally and momentum towards its target goal of $6845. Consequently, we suggest a purchase at $6400 with a close stop loss of $6000. Nevertheless, this’s a risky trade, consequently, please only use 30% of the typical allocation.

In case the cryptocurrency doesn’t break out and experience the resistance type on the ascending channel, it is able to once again drop on the trendline support. It is going to become unfavorable, only in case it breaks down of the trendline assistance and the 20-day exponential moving average, that is at $5623.


Ethereum consistently trade within a selection. It’s still not been able to break out of the overhead opposition at $315.

In case the cryptocurrency breaks from the opposition at $315, It’s likely is it is going to start a new uptrend. This time, we expect Ethereum to breakout of $353 and head higher towards $366 levels. Consequently, we suggest a buy on Ethereum at $319 with a stop loss of $289.

Partial earnings will be booked at $350 amounts and also the stop loss on the other place is trailed higher.

On another hand, in case the electronic currency doesn’t get out of the stove, a fall on the trendline is likely. Ethereum is going to become unfavorable in case it breaks down and also sustains below the trendline.

Consequently, a buy is recommended by us, just on a breakout.


Traders which initiated lengthy positions on the recommendation of ours will have gained a fast 22% return within one day. They will have joined at $422 and exit at the goal aim of $518 on the previous day.

Bitcoin Cash broke from the number on October 28 and is sustaining above it since that time. This’s a bullish indication. Then, the cryptocurrency is apt to rally to $549 amounts, where it is able to experience a little opposition, but in case the bulls’ breakout of this particular overhead resistance, a shift to $700 is achievable.

We, nonetheless, do not find some well-performing buy created at the present levels, that provides us a great threat to reward ratio. Consequently, we do not advocate any lengthy position at the present levels. We shall delay for a little consolidation to re-establish the positions.


Ripple has still not triggered our purchase quantities. It consistently exchanges a tight range. The longer it trades in this selection, the farther it is going to run when it begins a brand new uptrend.

Consequently, we keep our buy suggestion on Ripple at $0.22, on a breakout above the moving averages. The stop loss must be maintained at $0.19659.

The breakout is apt to have the electronic currency to $0.23955 as well as $0.25311 levels, that are 50 % along with 61.8 % Fibonacci retracement amounts of the autumn from $0.29699 to $0.18211.

Traders must increase the stops of theirs to breakeven after the cryptocurrency rallies to $0.23955. We advise booking partial income at $0.25311. The stop loss in the other place must be trailed higher.

In case the breakout doesn’t sustain, the ripple is apt to stay range-bound for several more times. It is going to become damaging just with a description below $0.18211.


Litecoin has still not shut above the assortment of $44 to $57.7. Thus, our buy amounts from the prior evaluation have still not triggered.

Litecoin consistently consolidates near the top of the end of the stove, consequently, our previous buy recommendation is being modified by us.

We, now, recommend purchasing Litecoin at $59 with a stop damage of $53. Our profit objective remains $71, wherever we recommend booking 50 % earnings. The other position is able to be kept with a trailing stop damage since in case the electronic currency breaks out of $71, it could rally to $82 levels.

Nevertheless, in case the cryptocurrency doesn’t break out and experience above the stove, it is able to once again drop towards the $51 levels.

* BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange.

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