Price shift after new NEO Announcements

NEOs growth despite criticism

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The weekend has been good particularly for Blockchain Company NEO. The platform’s price shot up after the companies made some announcements about its restructuring with more announcements still to come. The first announcement was about the use of NEO on the Ontology platform. This announcement alone made NEOs price move up by 15%. The Ontology platform if a new distributed network by Onchain. In this new system, NEO is offering programming flexibility and asset-based functionality which have very important components.

Is NEO a good investment platform?

Even with the new announcements and price jump, NEO is facing major criticism, especially on its centralized nodes. There was even an article that appeared on the GitHub providing six reasons why NEO is not a good investment platform. The article was later responded to by NEO insider Malcolm Lerider.

The accusation bt Github included a number of warning signals which have been answered carefully by Lerider. Lerider actually referred to the warning as non-factual fear which is uncertain or FUD. Despite all the confrontation online if the warnings are true then everything will come to light. However, if the digital currency is as robust as it seems, then it could turn out to be one of the best investment platforms. Its prices are currently low so buying now would be a good investment for the future.

According to Lerider NEO is set to make another announcement this week. The new announcement may however not be priced into the market. During the press time, it trading at $41.37 and has been going up steadily. Everyone is however very anxious about the new announcement and how it could affect the pricing of the Cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that NEOs founders had stated that they would make major changes to the platform before the year ends. According to their earlier announcement they wanted to make their platform very user-friendly.

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