Revolutionizing Marketing Space with ICO and token services

Revolutionizing Marketing Space with ICO and token services

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Merchants often miss the clarity in knowing whether they are receiving a good ROI or not in the conventional marketing tools. Adding to this the token services repeatedly drive the merchants for higher rebates thus wearing out the base concept of its dealers.

NAU plans to look on to these issues by implementing a CPA model in creating a new trend in marketing domain.

How this pattern works?

Customers and retailers are allowed to connect directly to the platform via special deals. This further gives incentives to the customers to select a specific vendor against its competitors. The vendor then presents rewards to the users who raise new customers. This model enables users to be representatives of their favorite vendors, thus NAU removes the brokers who market in the middle level

The NAU platform can be accesses through a mobile application with a geolocation component. This allows the users to be offered with vendors and precise deals pertinent to them, thereby removing chances of irrelevant offerings from the abundant sources.

While redeeming an offer around the share between the referring user and the platform is in the ratio of 95%:5%. In NAU this doesn’t happen as there is no association between discount amount and the reward paid to users. The lucrativeness of NAU users lies in referring other users enabling them for rewards from vendors. NAU also rewards user participation through discounts, bonus, and purchase on 2nd item free.

For vendors, NAU decreases the financial hurdles to enter as opposed to the conventional coupon models. This is done by allowing drives with an offer to be started for 10 tokens. The company begins it list of vendors for the first stage of platform positioning.

How Stockholders are profited?

Out of the numerous benefits NAU offers its stockholders, one of the prime benefits is allowing the users to act as retail representatives by providing them incentives. This technique increases the number of platform users, this move can also be predicted as accepting NAU tokens a means of disbursement for goods and services.

It’s understood that the number of tokens released are restricted which surges the token value considerably as the demand increases. NAU also has planned several events in accordance with token services sale. All these proposals will boost NAU’s growth.

ICO Details:

Pre-ICO sale for the public starts on the 1st of November and ends on the 6th of November, the token price will be $0.04 for 1 token, with a bonus of 35%. The ICO starts on November 10, 2017 and ends on December 17, 2017 or before if the token sale cap of 600M is reached.

NAU tokens of one billion are put up for sale, with an added 45 million tokens released for consultants and promotions. The entitled currencies are ETH, LTC, and BTC. NAU is planning to rise at least $5.000.000 during the sale.

The capitals from this sale are used as:

  • For vendor and client acquisitions (40%)
  • Exploration and growth (5%)
  • IT infrastructure development and legal processes (12%)
  • Market promotions (30%)
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