Ripple and Bitcoin Cash shows demand for Altcoins in 2018

An outlook on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) price prediction

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Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are among the leading Altcoins showing a sudden escalation in value as digital currencies. This proves that investors are not chasing only Bitcoin. In fact, especially new investors are trying to forecast Ripple and Bitcoin Cash values for the year 2018. The whole community is looking at how it will be for the Altcoins in 2018.

The features of both Ripple and Bitcoin Cash are similar. Both cryptocurrencies are capable of handling transactions at a low cost. One can even expect to cash out cryptocurrencies through ATM withdrawals in near future. That will certainly boost the morale of investors on these coins. These altcoins should not be underestimated at any stage, especially considering the fact that Bitcoin was ignored by many back in the early days.

There is no assurance on the rise or fall of either of these Altcoins in 2018. But it is good to forecast the outlook on these two cryptocurrencies.

Will Ripple and Bitcoin Cash be the main Altcoins in 2018?

Since Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin, BCH has shown a price increase rate of over 300%. This proves that the hard fork of BCH in August was a success.  It provides efficient and affordable transaction facilities which creates a positive trend for BCH in the coming year.

There are ongoing discussions in the community to have XRP as the next best altcoin in place of Bitcoin. Ripple is underrated as it proves so much potential as a potential successor of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency world.

Ripple 2018 value prediction

Technology of Ripple can process around 1500 transactions every second. Ripple has a great upgrade in comparison to Bitcoin which can process only 7 transactions every second. Ripple technology is at a strong position capable of replacing global payment systems. This will allow low cost instant transfers through the system. Some leading industries are partnering with Ripple, as we speak.

Several major banks are already using Ripple technology for efficient low-cost transactions through the payment systems. This gives Ripple the upper hand in the coming year.

Forecasts suggest Ripple value to go above 2 USD in 2018. Even though the prices are far away from Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is a chance for Ripple to reach 4 – 5 USD range as well in 2018.

Bitcoin Cash 2018 value prediction

The Bitcoin Cash value prediction is on the 2,500 USD to 3,500 USD range by mid-2018. General stats suggest it may progress along the year even further up.

Bitcoin Cash marked its best value going over 2,500 USD on 12th November 2017 during which the Bitcoin value fell drastically for a brief moment. Due to scaling limitations of Bitcoin, investors will eye towards Bitcoin Cash as a better alternative in 2018.

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