Ripple has Joined Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

Ripple making more partnerships

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Ripple has now joined Hyperledger blockchain consortium which is backed by Linux Foundation. This statement was made by hyperledger on Wednesday stating that Ripple was one of the 14 companies that had joined their group which was launched in 2015. As at now, hyperledger has more than 200 firms and organizations. Another firm which has also joined is the CULedger which is a separate consortium backed by a group of credit unions which now has an industry-focused services company.

Stefan Thomas who is the Ripple CTO stated that: “We have made a partnership with Hyperledger and through it, developers will have full access to Interledger Protocol (ILP) in Java for general enterprise use. ILP which could only be operated on Javascript was retooled with the Java programming language after Ripple came into an agreement with Japanese system integration company NNT Data towards the end of 2017.

ILP and Ripple submitted the revamped Java-based protocol under the new moniker Hyperledger Quilt. Thomas explained that: “The Hyperledger Quilt project will have the power to connect Hyperledger Blockchains with other ILP payment systems like the XRP Ledger, Bitcoin Lightning, Ethereum, RippleNet, Litecoin and even the Mojaloop. This will help us to deliver our main target for internet use value where the money will move just like information does today.

This year Hyperledger is also planning to advance three open source blockchain platforms. They want to upgrade all the systems to version 1.0 or even to production status. More to that they are also considering launching an enterprise blockchain tool which will be aimed at speeding up the development of Blockchain applications.

The blockchain sector will be very busy in 2018 with many companies planning to launch an application based on the technology. Two days ago automobile giant Ford announced that it had patented a blockchain application which would have the power to control traffic through crypto-to-crypto communication.

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