Ulbrich’s Bitcoins: 48 Million Dollars Released to Government

Ross Ulbrich’s Bitcoins: 48 Million Dollars Released to Federal Government

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Ross Ulbricht’s attorney, Paul Grant, refers to the case of the stipulation of federal government seizure as an “unfortunate day for justice” and a “cause for the federal government’s continuous war against privacy and civil rights.”

Colorado native, Paul Grant, civil and criminal defense attorney, seemed distressed when reached by phone to provide a statement on Monday night, “This part of Ross’ struggle and fight, is over.”

Mr. Grant is referring to an online publication of the civil asset and forfeiture stipulation order raised by the United States District Court Southern District of New York, which Mr. Ulbricht has agreed.

Ross Ulbricht’s signature is signed below that of Assistant Attorney Christine Magno’s, although Ms. Magno refused to directly comment by phone, referring Bitcoin News to the division’s press office. Both signatures rest below the heading “AGREED AND CONSENTED TO,” efficiently renouncing nearly 50 million USD to the federal government.

As of publication time, the various questions aimed at Acting Attorney Joon H. Kim’s media representative, Nicholas Biase were unanswered.

Mr. Kim’s press release widely discussed basics of the case, in which he managed to incorrectly spell Mr. Ulbricht’s last name before listing associated court documents, and other statements made during additional public hearings.

During the Ulbricht case, there was hardly any mention of the secret federal agents serving a sentence for their crimes committed, causing curiosity upon the court.

“There is also no reason to consider that any of the government corruption, in this case ever to be known, nor believe that any of their illegally obtained assets have been revealed,” Mr. Grant undoubtedly claimed.

Lack of Goodwill

Readers are wondering why Mr. Ulbricht would comply in such a manner, notably considering the extremity of his sentence, his attorney stresses how “Ross has so many other issues at the moment, not least of which is agreeable to lessen his time and perhaps find some way to recover his liberty.

“Ross agreement to settle this case will make it disappear,” Mr. Grant emphasized.

When asked if Mr. Ulbricht’s adjustment might gain him desirable consideration in higher courts, Mr. Grant answered, “Absolutely not. Not even in the least.”

Mr. Grant continued: “Ross’ family is seeking all possible ventures” to get Mr. Ulbricht freed a potential life term sentence. He urged readers interested to support a cause by shedding light on an appealing website run by the Ulbricht family, FREE ROSS.

Not A Quitter

“It’s a sad day for justice whenever the federal government takes away private property under the excuse of law,”

Mr. Grant said while proceeding to claim for justice by empathically declaring: “No one is giving up. We are not giving up. The Ulbricht family is not giving up.”

Every aspect of Ross Ulbricht’s case seems unusually large, exaggerating the first prosecution to the sentencing and to now the civil order.

When asked about where all that money would possibly end up, Mr. Grant explained it “will be used by a variety of agencies to further efforts to protect citizens, implement drug laws, and provide law enforcement agencies with the latest technology.”

Lastly, the Supreme Court appeal will be handled by an unnamed foreign firm.

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