Russian Court Overturns Verdict to Block Bitcoininfo Crypto News Site

Russian Court Annuls Previous Decision to Block Bitcoin-Related Site

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  • Previous Decision to Block Bitcoininfo Crypto News Site Annulled by Russian Court.
  • Russia to launch a cryptocurrency regulatory framework in July.

Russia: The St. Petersburg Vyborg District Court had earlier passed a judgement to block – a cryptocurrency media website. However, a report came in yesterday 4th June from TASS – a local news outlet – that the previous verdict has been overturned by the City Court of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The judgement from the District Court passed on in July 2016 was in agreement with blocking all cryptocurrency related news sources within Russia, as cryptocurrencies were considered illegal within the country.

According to TASS, the new judgement was passed after Russia’s Supreme Court referred the case for consideration to the City Court of St. Petersburg, following a complaint action from owner.

“The St. Petersburg City Court overturned the District Court’s decision that recognized the information placed on the website as prohibited for viewing.”

It was reported by the press service of the Court that the District Court blocked in July 2016 following the application of local prosecutors. The court considered the case in the absence of the news site owners. A representative of Bitcoininfo stated that the local prosecutors unilaterally initiated the application and did not involve the website owners nor did they request for the removal of the content that was considered to be illegal. The representative also stated that after the ban was passed, the Court refused any request for appeal.

Local prosecutors initiated the application to ban the new site because the site contained news about digital currencies, which according to them are “outside of government control,” “facilitate the growth of the shadow economy,” and “do not have specific consumer properties.” had reported in April that the St. Petersburg’s City Court cancelled the previous decision from a trial court to block 40 cryptocurrency related websites in Russia. The ban was initiated because the websites were supposedly “spreading information” about cryptocurrency that “is not backed by any real asset and does not provide information about its owners.”

However, an upcoming cryptocurrency regulatory framework has been slated for 1st July by decree of President Vladimir Putin.

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