Russian Hotels To Accept Bitcoin Payments During World Cup

Kaliningrad Hotels

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During this year’s world cup which will be held in Russia, the football fans will have the privilege to pay using Bitcoin. This is to cater for the accommodation. Hotels which are based in Kaliningrad are expected to host guests of up to eight countries. Additionally, they have been involved in a partnership with a local provider to ensure the service is used. At the time when Belgium plays England, booking a room for the fans will be approximately $300 in fiat.

Kaliningrad Hotels To Work With Free-Kassa

Kaliningrad which is the capital of the westernmost region in Russia will be one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Hosts. Therefore, the Mundial will take place specifically in the Russian Federation from 14 to 15 July. Therefore, supporters from Croatia, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia, Belgium, England and Spain will be expected in the city.

Various hotel owners have taken to an initiative to team up with a payment processor to ensure that the guests pay for their stay using Bitcoin. This is according to a local news source.

The manager of Apartments Malina, Anna Subbotina, said;

We are seeing increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. They will gradually come into use as a means of payment. We have decided that fans should be able to pay for our services with the help of this innovative technology.

Her corporation will partner with one of Russia’s electronic payment providers in support of the cryptocurrency transactions. Vitality Lavrov who is the development manager in Free-Kassa commented that this was their first venture to work with hotels. Accommodation in the area has since skyrocketed.

Mundial of Many Firsts

World cup matches are set to be played in 11 Russian cities and also 12 stadiums. Therefore, this will be the first Mundial in Russia, in Europe and also in Asia. For the first time, the video assistance referee will be used. Kaliningrad is set to host 4 games.

Due to this, two bills have been introduced for regulation in aspects dealing with crypto ecosphere. One of the laws is in regard to Digital Financial Assets which is meant to legalize Blockchain technologies, ICO, and mining operations. The other law works on Russia’s Civil Code in the regulation of the cryptocurrency use and also in the protection of investor rights. The laws will be introduced and adopted just before the world cup begins.

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