Russia’s Supreme Court has Ordered a Review of Bitcoin Website Ban

Crypto Website Ban

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According TO Russian Legal Information Agency, the Supreme Court of Russia has ordered St. Petersburg City Court to look into an appeal to ban a cryptocurrency information Website. The case started in 2016 when Vyborgsky District Court of Petersburg agreed on an application from the prosecution office blocking which is a crypto website. The website was blocked after the court found information about Bitcoin which is a virtual payment system which also acts as a store of value. According to the Court, the website violated the Federal Act on the central bank of Russia.


The Oktyabrsky District Court continued investigating websites that contained information about digital currencies before ordering 40 of them to be blocked because they contained information which would contribute to the growth of the virtual economy. According to the Court, free distribution of crypto information would lead to the high use of digital currencies in the trade of weapons, drugs, forged documents among other criminal activities.

The blocking order did not, however, last for long because in March this year the St. Petersburg City Court reviewed an appeal before ordering for all the websites to be unblocked.

The Russian government has been divided on its stand on digital currencies. Earlier this week the government banned Telegram weeks after it raised an ICO worthy 1.7 billion dollars. After the ban, Russia’s Communication watchdog Roskomnadzor tried to enforce the ban. The Communications watchdog blocked more than 20 IP addresses, but the action did not seem to bean fruits since users reported that the app was still functional.

Other websites which have been affected in the past by the ban includes Microsoft updates, Xbox live, and a website belonging to Roskomnadzor which is responsible for ensuring the bans are implemented. The owners of the websites have said that the bans were not legal and that they would appeal the decisions until their rights are respected.