Scammers Hijacked Verified Twitter Account to Pose as Telegram CEO

Scammers Hijack Verified Twitter Account to Steal Crypto by Posing as Telegram CEO

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  • Verified Twitter account of Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO, hijacked by scammers.
  • The scammers obtained about 1 BTC from unsuspecting victims just within 27 mins

On Saturday 28th April Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of Telegram and TON ICO, issued a warning through a tweet to all his followers that the messaging app “Telegram” is experiencing server downtime as a result of overheating of its server clusters. This tweet has drawn the attention of fake cryptocurrency giveaway scammers who having hacked a twitter account, posed as Pavel Durov and claimed to be giving away cryptocurrency to users as a “thank you for [their] support.”

However, BlockShow reported on Sunday 29th April that Pavel is not giving away any cryptocurrency to anybody and users have been warned against interacting in any way with these scammers, who have managed to hijack the verified Twitter account of Club 8 – a Swedish musical band and changed all information to make the twitter account very similar to Pavel’s official account. This was reportedly done so as to leverage the verification badge to trick unsuspecting users into believing that they are real and presenting a legitimate cryptocurrency giveaway.

According to a security alert by the Metamask phishing detector, the announcement of the crypto giveaway of 1,000 BTC and 5,000 ETH had links to 2 websites which hold the Bitcoin and Ether wallet addresses of the scammers.

Blockshow further reported that the scammers had managed to obtain about 1 BTC from unsuspecting victims just within 27 mins.

Prior to this case, scammers had also posed as Pavel Durov on Twitter to trick victims into handing over their crypto. It was reported on 29th March that some scammers managed to steal about $60,000 worth of Ether by exploiting the power outage at Telegram servers. However, yesterday’s case is different due to the fact that the scammers successfully managed to hack a verified Twitter account and change all its details in such a way to pose as Pavel Durov, while keeping the verification badge to make the scam more attractive to victims.

Earlier this year, reported about the multiple ‘Charlie Lee’ fake Twitter accounts which promised fake Litecoin giveaways, following Charles’s decision to sell off all his Litecoins last December. The media reported another case in February, where fraudsters posed as Elon Musk and posted a fake 5,000 Ether giveaway.

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