The Sierra Leone Government Says That Blockchain Was Not Used In Elections.

This Is In Contradiction To The Media Hype

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Just moments after the march 7 headlines, the presidential elections in Sierra Leone were the world’s first elections which were based on Blockchain because of the support through the voting of company Agora. However, the Sierra Leone government has denied using Blockchain in tallying election results by the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

According to the response of misleading the public in regard to their role in the national elections, Agora was involved in releasing official statement on March 19. The statement made an explanation of the legitimate role as an observer in the elections. Therefore, they were involved in underlining the statements that they didn’t claim to be counting the results in the trial Blockchain election test.

According to the post, Agora obtained accreditations by NEC to involve themselves in coverage of about 280 polling locations. This was in the West District in Sierra Leone. Additionally, the post depicted that a “partial deployment of their made technology was utilised in the national elections.”

The recording of the votes was carried out in the set manner and in the set process; voters were subjected to placing their ballots into the boxes, the boxes were then emptied in the presence of the observers and counting out loud was involved. Therefore, Agora “manually recorded each ballot onto our Blockchain using a digital device.” Therefore, Agora played no role once the ballot boxes were presented to the NEC regional tallying centre. This is according to the post.

Therefore, the discrepancies between the Agora results and the NEC results which were noted by the French news outlet RFI came from the difference in both systems considering which votes to consider as invalid. This is according to Agora medium.

Agora also described the “targeted campaign” against the organization by a company called the Sierra Leone Open Election Data Platform (SLOEDP). Therefore, in relation to Agora, SLOEDP approached the journalists and wrote the blog posts meant to attack their involvement in the elections maybe to the due to the overlap in the technologies.

The co-founder of Sensi Tech Hub in Freetown, Morris Marah gave the following statements to the RFI;

“What these guys [Agora] are saying is great. But they haven’t really tested it because they basically took a paper card of the results and put it on their system. That’s what everybody else is doing, that’s not new.”

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