Slovenia on the Path to Becoming the Global Blockchain Destination

Slovenia on the Path to Becoming the Global Blockchain Destination

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The Prime Minister of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, has recently outlined the advantages of blockchain technology. While speaking at Digital Slovenia 2020, Cerar boldly predicted that his country was well on the way to becoming the prime destination for blockchain in the European Union.

Prime Minister’s rhetoric

Cerar also talked about the country’s commitment to looking into administrative applications for blockchain technology. He revealed how their experts have been studying Blockchain for some time now, and that this applies on the entire level of the state. Slovenia is gradually creating a strong foundation to begin the initial test phase of using blockchain within state administration. A blockchain think tank, sponsored by the government, was also discussed with a view to being used in the Slovenian Digital Coalition. The think tank was first formed on October 3rd, and is designed to work as a communication node between the blockchain developers, users, and the government itself. The final stage will reportedly lead to coordinated efforts, while assisting in the development of new regulations. However, this will not be limited to the government alone, as the plan is to also coordinate with various companies, who will in turn produce valuable educational materials for blockchain usage.

Bitcoin Helps the Rise of Slovenia

Prime Minister Cerar was also adamant that the entire government supported the technology, with a long-term primary goal of transforming Slovenia into a country that welcomes blockchain. He stated that the entire country of Slovenia is slowly but steadily laying the foundations for a nationwide Blockchain system. As a country that has recently been through a devastating financial crisis, Slovenia is proud of their growth and is using its dark past as motivation to reach their goal. Blockchain technology is the final step in achieving an influx of entrepreneurs, who will contribute to the success of Slovenia. In the Prime Minister’s view, Blockchain technology will improve overall living conditions for citizens, which will surely lead to positive progress.

Jan Isakovic’s Take on the Situation

Blockchain expert, Jan Isakovic, expressed his views on the matter in an interview with CCN. He answered questions about the significance of the announcement by the Prime Minister, and how it will affect the goal of becoming a prominent blockchain destination. He also shared his opinion on how the announcement can help make the country’s recovery process even quicker.

Isakovic claimed that the entire process has been the result of the intense hard work put in, the company of which he is CEO, and various partners, who have spent five months working with a number of stakeholders such as the Central Bank, Securities Agency, the Financial Administration, and various Ministry cabinets.

Mr. Isakovic also optimistically added how the announcement coupled with the overall attitude of the government will create a perfect atmosphere for entrepreneurs in Slovenia, as well as blockchain start-up companies from all parts of the globe.

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