Slush Pool became the largest Bitcoin pool

Slush Pool became the largest bitcoin pool

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Bitcoin pool Slush Pool that is managed by the founder and CEO Trezor Marek “Slush” Palatinus, officially became the largest bitcoin mining pool in the world.

In recent times most mining pools and computing power that previously supported hardwork SegWit2x, migrated to Bitcoin Cash. Consequently, many of the leading mining pools like Antpool company Bitmain, redirected your hash rate between bitcoin and bitcoin to cash, leaving the bitcoin space more open to competition.

As part of the left can see the network of bitcoin Pool Slush has strengthened its position as the largest bitcoin pool in the industry, which accounts for 20.8% of the hash power of the entire bitcoin network.

For many months Slush Pool enjoyed the freedom that it could provide the miners of his pool. For example, in relation to hard forks SegWit2x he allowed miners to choose whether to signal for SegWit2x or not, instead of dictating his position.

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