Snowden thinks Bitcoin developers should do better

Bitcoin should be improved

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Edward Snowden who is the world’s most famous whistle-blower discussed cryptocurrency in his tour in Berlin. He stated that Bitcoin had helped him in his historic tour. According to him Bitcoin developers should up their game to stop the growing crypto tribalism. According to Snowden:

“In my view, Bitcoin will not last forever. This is because its first browser created is not the best we have seen. Bitcoin is, however, doing a great job, and I think it will have enduring value for a long period of time. We, however, think that the development team should do more to improve its protocol or else they will not be able to compete in future.”

The discussion was hosted by Peter Van Valkenburg of Coin Center who is also a crypto expert. The expert produces massive documents f National Security Agency. In A question Valkenburg asked Mr. Snowden: “Do you have any digital currencies or any digital money? Are you excited about digital currencies? In his answer Mt. Snowden began by stating: “As a privacy policy advocate I would ask no one to say they have digital currencies,” he laughed as the audience applauded. “I like this audience; I would say that when I was working on my project in 2013 and trying to figure things out, I asked myself whether I needed an infrastructure of my own.”

Continuing with his statement, Mr. Snowden urged people to:

“Focus on the limitations of Bitcoin transactions since it was a major flaw. I would, however, argue on the long-lasting flow which is the public ledger. There is a limitation on how people engage in this digital currencies which are a limiting factor on the apocalypses we have had from longtime natural relief on pressure on it.”

When asked about the digital currencies he favors, Mr. Snowden: “When looking at the digital currency that interests me I’d say Zcash. I prefer it because it’s interesting in terms of its privacy properties. There are many other projects that are trying to emulate it which I think is a good thing. One of the emulators is Moreno. I have actually used Moreno like everyone else.”

He went on to urge more people to use and different digital currencies from governments which are already scared and nervous. He also talked about Petro which is a state-backed digital currency. About it, Snowden stated that: “All we need to do is create competing systems that will be attractive to the consumer base so that even if government come competing, they will not outlaw them.”

In his final remarks, he answered a question about forming an intelligentsia also called the power of elder. Here he had a positive note and started by recalling his own admonition to media companies not to publish salacious journals but only to publish was was in public interest. He noted that in five years no media has violated the conditions which he associated with the future security of Bitcoin and other cryptos. This is because they have very valuable yet the integrity of blocks and wallets have remained more or less in tact.

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