Stage 1 of Cappasity’s ARToken public crowdsale Finished Before schedule

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The Cappasity portal’s crowdsale has attracted large scale assistance from the public – more than 8,000 individuals admitted and more than 2,700 have purchased ARTokens already. Cappasity has agreed to abandon stage 1 of ARToken open crowdsale before date. Furthermore, the platform Cappasity will be deployed as early as January 2018 in China on the Alibaba Cloud program.

Company’s top professionals achieved the milestone of endorsing a pact with a pivotal tactical investment and business shareholder, thanks to the public concerns in the Cappasity scheme.

The contract is anticipated to create a prolific effect on capitalization increase of Cappasity and the ARToken figure. Hence, the executive group of the company concluded to abandon Phase 1 open selling before date and restrict the ARTokens issued on crypto trading.

Nevertheless, as the shareholder needs to improve further development of the Cappasity system and does not want recent stakeholders rights restricted, the following steps are taken by Cappasity:

  • Crowdsale portal Registrationwill be terminated on November 5th 2017. All who are concerned about the scheme have the chance to make themselves initial token selling stakeholders by starting accounts.
  • Cappasity values the assistance of all initial crowdsale stakeholders highly – Cappasity acheived endorsing a pivotal pact because of them. To show Cappasity’s thankfulness, every crowdsale stakeholder will get a particular code granting access to an extra bonus to the currently bought ARTokens
  • After 5th November, any more admission will be impossible. Nevertheless, the recent8,000 ecosystem stakeholders will get the chance to bring in their associates via the affiliates link provided the latter agrees to assist in improving the progrma and the Ecosystem of Cappasity. The brought in associates themselves will be able to bring in none.


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