Apple’s Steve Wozniak Leaves Facebook, Eyeing Ether as The New Apple

Steve Wozniak Dumps Facebook And Thinks Ethereum Could Be the New Apple

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  • Steve Wozniak quits Facebook, not for privacy reasons, but for more cultural intentions.
  • He tends toward Ethereum platform as the new Apple.

Steve Wozniak, who had been Apple’s backroom genius, has finally renounced Facebook, this time not for Facebook’s privacy reasons, but for more cultural intents. Even when Wozniak knew he might be losing friends and conversations forever by quitting Facebook, he has no regret about doing so. Rather unsurprisingly, the audience gave Wozniak a sitting ovation when he did so – a majority of them being so mesmerized and captivated that they couldn’t dare to stand.

Wozniak further stated that the effect of dumping Facebook meant that targeted ads had significantly dropped; an almost instant benefit on pulling out. He also noted his distrust of Gmail. However, the most interesting part of the discussion was possibly his attitude towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Wozniak, who divested himself of his digital currencies some months ago, said he still maintains 1BTC and 2ETH so he ‘can experiment with paying for different things’. Wozniak, being extremely optimistic about Ether, described it as a platform that was just like Apple’s and could become as much influential as Apple became. Only time will tell if such will eventually happen, however, it was obvious that Woz is still part of the technology world. He said:

“Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it’s a platform.”

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