Steve Wozniak supports Jack Dorsey’s idea of bitcoin being the Web’s currency

Steve Wozniak Backs Jack Dorsey's Idea

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Technology supporter and  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has thrown his support in favor of Twitter CEO’s remarks of making bitcoin the main web currency.

While responding to the comments of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, during the Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam Wozniak said:

“I fully support what Jack Dorsey said that bitcoin might become the default web currency in future. I don’t believe it is going to happen, but my wish is that it happens.”

Mr Wozniak remarks seem to fall in line with the ideas of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who on many occasions has shown he is a bitcoin enthusiast. His recent comments of bitcoin becoming the future native web currency have captured the attention of another tech big wig- Steve Wozniak. Wozniak is also a bitcoin believer and was once an investor. According to him, bitcoin is the strongest cryptocurrency.

Reasons for Steve Wozniak’s support

Mr Wozniak’s review of bitcoin is that it’s the only pure gold among all the other virtual currencies. Although there are many other alternative  cryptocurrencies, to Wozniak bitcoin is the strongest of them all. Bitcoin has managed to stay afloat all this time as other digital currencies come up. Furthermore, it is not controlled by anyone and keeps growing without being in control of any government. In addition , bitcoin has remained in its original state, unlike other altcoins. According to Apple’s Co-founder, these are some of the  facts  that make bitcoin the only pure cryptocurrencies.

Wozniak alongside his friend Steve Jobs founded Apple, a hugely successful technology firm in 1976. He is a supporter of bitcoin although currently  he has mentioned he is not actively investing in it. He is reported to have sold all hid BTC when the price reached $20.000. While selling,he said that he wouldn’t want to invest in the crypto-currency merely for speculative reasons. On the other hand, Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter and Square and is also a bitcoin support.

Since it was founded years ago, bitcoin has been able to weather lots of turbulence. Pundits agree that moving forward,it  is on a strong growth trajectory. Although there are a lot of other virtual currencies, the remarks of people like Wozniak and Dorsey lend support to this cryptocurrency

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