Suspected Bitcoin Miner Thief Escaped Prison

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Sandri Thor Stefanson the man accused of spearheading the stealing of 600 bitcoin mining computers in Iceland worth 2 million dollars between December and January says he was free to travel after escaping from a low-security prison. The suspect escaped from the prison and flew from Iceland to Sweden last week on Tuesday. He hit the headlines after reports emerged that he actually traveled to Sweden on the same flight with Iceland’s prime minister.

According to Stefansson, he had been held without evidence for months before his escape. He went on to state that the order to detain him had expired on April 16th and he was devastated by the police’s decision to hold him for more 10 days. More to that he also accused the courts of not listening to his case since they kept pushing the hearing days forward. Stefansson insisted that by the time of the escape he was legally free to go.

According to Stefansson:

“I have just refused to be in prison on my own will, this is because the police have been threatening to arrest me without any explanation. I have been in prison for more than 2 and half months without any evidence of wrongdoing. The police were holding me because they just suspected me. I am very angry about this. More to that none of my testimonies have been published all I received were continuous threats of Isolation.”

Stefansson’s current location is not known, but police are suspecting he might be in Spain. The machines he is said to have stolen are yet to be recovered, and the 60,000 dollar reward for any information that would lead to the recovery of the machines still remains in place.

Stefansson has however claimed that he is ready to return to Iceland provided the state affirms his status of a free man at the time of his escape. “I am working with the police in Iceland so that I can go home without being arrested while abroad,” Stefansson concluded.

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