Swissport Adopts Blockchain Technology

The aviation industry gets a taste of blockchain through Swissport

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Switzerland’s leading Aviation Company Swissport is looking to tap into blockchain technology to help improve its cargo handling procedures.

Blockchain, a groundbreaking technology is helping improve service delivery in many industries. Its implementation in Swissport’s ground service systems is just one of the many possible application of blockchain in aviation.To this end, Swissport international Ltd is partnering with non-profit organisation Olam in the venture to enhance its cargo handling. Through Olam’s experience in developing open source platforms for the supply chain industry, Swissport hopes to break the ceiling. Already, the two firms have launched a pilot project to explore the place of blockchain in the aviation industry.

According to Swissport’s head of global cargo operations Hendrik Leyssens, blockchain technology will bring transparency in the supply chain industry. As it is, the industry is quite fragmented and opaque. In the same vein, blockchain will help unlock cost saving, improve security and help speed up transactions.

Swissport to use blockchain on passenger services too

Besides integrating blockchain into its cargo handling business, Swissport is also partnering with Winding Tree to develop a travel distribution solution based on blockchain. Winding Tree is a company making travelling cheaper for consumers while increasing profits to suppliers. Through a decentralized travel distribution solution based on blockchain, Winding Tree connects all players in the travel industry. Its implementation into Swissport’s passenger services will get rid of barriers among them exorbitant transaction fees. Furthermore, blockchain will help Swissport focus on distributing its ancillary ground travel services to independent travelers.

Commenting on the matter,  Swissport’s head of innovation unit Florian Eggenschwiler said:

“In the current complex aviation industry, we have high hopes that blockchain technology will help us reimagine how we work with our partners. Blockchain comes with a lot of benefits, and we expect these benefits to bring lasting solutions to challenges in aviation industry on a global scale. At Swissport, we are charged up and ready to learn these emerging technologies early enough as we partner with technology leaders to explore its benefits.”

Apart from Swissport, Winding Tree partners with other major players in several industries. They include Brussels airlines, Air New Zealand, Austrian, Eurowings, and Nordic choice hotels.

Blockchain technology is disrupting operations in many industries in a good way. It’s a wait to see on how much its implementation in the aviation industry will change service delivery.

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