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The Story of Biggest ICO -Telegram

Throughout the years, Durov has been pressured by Russian authorities to either disclose user information or dance at the whims of government entities. But he has no plans to bend backward, as a matter of fact, recent events seem to be…

Telegram ICO headed towards 2 billion USD.

Pavel Durovs Telegram ICO is reportedly getting quite close to raising 2 billion USD. If successful, this will be the largest Initial Coin Offering to hit the market. And will most likely play a pivotal role in solidifying the industries…

Telegram To Launch World’s Biggest ICO

Pavel Durov, the Telegram’s founder wants to gather money to expand and compete with greater rivals that dominate the market such as Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Further, he claimed that he will keep control of the company.

Telegram ICO raised close to 1 billion dollars.

The Telegram ICO has managed to raise close to 1 billion dollars to date. With plans of raising over double that in the near future. Which should not come as a surprise considering that the project might be just what is needed for mass…