Telegram Calls for Paper Plane Protest

Pavel Durov Calling for a Digital Resistance.

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Following a Telegram ban by the Russian courts, Pavel Durov, head of the encrypted messaging service urged users to act out in a peaceful protest on Sunday, April 22nd. Despite users still having the means to access Telegram by utilizing VPN services, Durov urged Russians to let lose paper airplanes with the Telegram logo from their windows at a specific time.

Telegram pushes back on oppressive orders.

The entire issue surrounding Telegram stems from Russian laws which require user data to be passed onto regulatory bodies within the nation. According to Russian federal judge, Yulia Smolina, the issue that the authorities have in regards to Telegram is based on decrypting private user messages, with the goal of security in mind, of course.

So, being the privacy advocate that Durov is, Russia was forced to carry out a massive internet censorship act, in fact, the biggest the nation has ever seen. Close to 18 million IP addresses were barred from accessing the instant messenger service. Now, these IP addresses, with more to come surely, will remain banned from accessing Telegram until the company turns over its private keys which can be used to decrypt messages sent on the platform.

In order to support internet freedom, and as a rebuttal to the impending ban. Durov started providing individuals and organizations that run proxies and VPN services with bitcoin grants. Durov labeled his actions as a Digital Resistance. Very in tune with the Blockchain field in general.

So, as one of the first public acts of the Digital Resistance movement, Durov asked the followers of his cause to launch paper airplanes at 19:00 local time, and to then collect litter an hour later.

Telegram ICO.

It’s worth noting that Telegram holds a special place within the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Most ICO’s and digital assets that hit the sector, usually, if not always build their project communities within the messenger application.

Additionally, Durov is in the process of gathering crowdfunding resources for his Blockchain based project, Ton. Will the Russian government impede his progress? If they try, it will be a hefty task, given the fact that we can only expect the Digital Resistance to grow in magnitude.

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