“The Business Blockchain” Author William Mougayar to lead Blockchain Investment Firm

Branch headed by Mougayar aims to invest in blockchain startups, qualified tokens and tradeable digital currencies

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The venture capitalist and “The Business Blockchain” author, William Mougayar, plans to launch a blockchain startup and cryptocurrency investment firm. The Blockchain Technology Ventures division of the Jabre Capital Partners in Switzerland created the JM3 Capital entity for crypto investments. On 30th April 2018, the company announced that the JM3 Capital branch will be headed by Mougayar.

The branch aims to invest in blockchain startups, qualified tokens and tradeable digital currencies. According to Mougayar, it is essential for projects and tokens invested by the firm to have high potential for appreciation;

The strategy that we outlined is to do standard VC-style investments in blockchain companies. We’ll find those companies that are doing some very interesting work in the space. And, secondly, it’s to be involved in those that are creating the token-based protocols. Thirdly, it’s to invest in cryptocurrencies that are undervalued, so more of a buy-and-hold strategy.

He highlighted the fact that Blockchain Technology Ventures is “not a hedge fund,” but “more a venture capital-style fund that will take a long-term view to the market.”

William Mougayar to select ideal projects for funding

William Mougayar did not mention any planned projects or tokens set for funding by the branch. According to Mougayar, JM3 Capital plans to launch the initial funding in July 2018 pending final approval from FINMA, the Financial Market Supervisor Authority in Switzerland. The application in final stages planned to be regulated by authority after launch. Mougayar stated the following as well;

I think this is going to be significant – it’s good to see more regulated funds. It’s good to see more regulation in this space because it brings more credibility to the market and a regulated fund lives up to higher standards – that’s good for investors.

Blockchain startups can submit their projects and tokens requesting funding from the company. Mougayar will use his expertise in investments to pick which ones are best suited for funding;

“There’s a lot of pattern recognition… the advantage of seeing a lot of activity is you can have better insights as to what constitutes a better [project].”

Mougayar explained that there are special requirements and criteria for projects to fulfill in order to get qualified for funding;

You have to have a good team that is competent, you have to show you can execute and it’s not just theoretical… A lot of companies put out websites and white papers and they dress up the websites and want investors to invest based on that. We want to do a lot more diligence.

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