The European Union Seeks Your Questions in Relation to Blockchain Reports

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An organization which has been founded by the European Commission is in the quest to focus majorly on the research and development in the various soliciting questions from the public in regard to the nascent technology.

Therefore, on Monday, the EU based Blockchain observatory and Forum made announcements in a tweet that it would host a 90-minute AMA (Ask me anything) which will be held on June 18. This will be primarily to address the various concerns mainly from the public connected to blockchain and also the future plan of the organization in the emerging space.

The session, therefore, signified a good move by the EU executive arm in the education of the public about blockchain technology basics and also how this is applied in the real-life situations. This is according to the agenda of the session which was listed on the observatory website.

The observatory was launched in February by an Ethereum startup ConsenSys together with the European Union. Therefore, this makes the major focus on the development of the blockchain-based applications. For instance, it can be used in the cross-border remittances which contribute to the European Single Market.

Therefore, the European Commission in April made an announcement of the plans to make an investment of $400 million in the blockchain related projects in the next two years. They anticipate that the technology to be used will be mainstream according to the report made by

Earlier during this year, Mario Draghi who is the leader of the European Central Bank also hosted a session online addressing the various questions by the public especially through the social media accounts twitter and Facebook which are linked to cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

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