UK government is concerned about the Cryptojacking

NCSC Report

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On 10th April, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) based in the UK was involved in an announcement of a report which analyses the basis on how the nefarious cyber activity was subjected to the business environment in the past one year in Great Britain.

One of the sections of the report has been dedicated to Cryptojacking. This is a cyber-attack type in which the hacker uses the victim’s computer in hacking. Usually, the hacker does this without the knowledge of the owner and uses this in the mining of cryptocurrencies. Usually, for one to notice that his/her computer is being used for malicious activity, the speed of operation is slightly slow, and the performance decreases.

Therefore, the NCSC has the belief that with the growth in interest of the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the various methods associated with digital currencies using the victims CPU power, for instance, Cryptojacking might become a significant source of income especially for the hackers and the website owners.

In accordance to the report;

“The technique of delivering cryptocurrency miners through malware has been used for several years, but it is likely in 2018-19 that one of the main threats will be a newer technique of mining cryptocurrency which exploits visitors to a website.”

According to the report, in 2017, the incidences increased significantly. Additionally, in 2017 December, close to 55% of the business organizations in the entire world were impacted by the crypto miners. On the other hand, in 2018 February, close to 4,000 websites in the world were involved in the mining of digital currencies which included some compromised plugins for screen readings which have nee specifically made for the blind and the partially sighted individuals.

Therefore, the NCSC is on the belief that most of the Cryptojacking which happened was done by the cybercriminals. In contrary, the website owners have been involved also in the manipulation of the visitors CPU power of the visitor’s computers in the mining operations to their own advantage.

However, in the previous years, malware has been termed as an effective method for crypto mining through the exploitation of user’s software vulnerabilities. In March, windows defender was involved in blocking close to 400,000 malware attempts which were linked to user infection with crypto miners in just 12 hours.

Additionally, according to a report by the opera community, they announced that they would include anti-crypto mining in their mobile browser.

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