More Than A Third Of All Initial Coin Offerings Goes To Europe

Start-ups In Europe Raised More ICOs Than Any Other Region

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According to the analysis by venture capital firm Atomico, more than a third of all initial coin offerings (ICOs) – 40 percent – are based in the European Union (EU). These 446 transactions raised $1.76 billion, nearly half (46%) of the worldwide total from token sales. The second biggest region for this activity was North America, where 244 campaigns raised $1.076 billion.

The report, entitled “The State of European Tech,” cited data collected by Token Data, a start-up that tracks ICOs, as well as Atomico’s own survey of investors and start-up founders.

What’s more, the EU might eventually become the global leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain development over the next five years, according to the report. An increasing number of start-ups on the continent focus exclusively on blockchain development, accounting for a much higher share of companies founded in 2016 than in 2012.

Sprawling teams

Notably, the report found that roughly 25% of ICOs had some sort of decentralized team, where the company launching a campaign was headquartered in a different location than the founder or chief executive.

Ricky Tan of Token Data said he expects this figure to increase in the coming years.

In the report, he said:

“We see a pattern of geographical diversity between ICO founding teams and also within the teams themselves. If the future of business ideas lies in decentralisation, then decentralised founding teams will be a key aspect of it.”

Europe also has the greatest number of bitcoin nodes, with more than 5,000, according to the Atomico report. The U.S. comes in second with just over 3,300 nodes.

While the number of ICOs and blockchain start-ups is increasing, interest in “blockchain” in general is increasing even more rapidly.

Data from Stack Overflow cited by Atomico shows an exponential growth in the number of searches for the term, jumping from 110 in January 2015 to 14,500 in September 2017.

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