Three Additional Nations Join The Planned Lawsuit Against Internet Giants Which Banned Crypto Ads

RNS Report

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The major Blockchain and cryptocurrency corporations based in Switzerland, Kazakhstan and also in Armenia have made partnerships with the countries in South Korea, China, and Russia for the current lawsuit which is involved with the internet corporations which were involved in the ban f crypto related ads. This is according to a local news outlet called RNS and reported this on April 6.

Therefore, these plans for the countries to join and form a lawsuit against the corporations which are Facebook, Twitter and Google were known to the public on 27th March. Therefore, the organizations which were involved in the initial complaint filing were the Korea Venture Business Associations, The Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and also the LCT which is a China-based association of crypto investors.

In accordance to Yury Pripachkin who is the president the RACIB, new nations which will be involved I joining the lawsuit are associations such as the cryptocurrency association, the Armenian Blockchain association, the Kazakhstan Blockchain and also the Swiss Innmind Fintech.

Therefore, this lawsuit containing all the associations will be filed in New York in May 2018. Therefore, the lawyer’s funds will be raised through the Estonian digital wallet.

On 30th January, Facebook was involved in the ban of advertisements on their platform which were related to ICO ad cryptocurrencies, citing “misleading or deceptive promotional practices.” Additionally, in March, Google also adopted the same move and announced that it would start locking the same ads of all types as far as they are related to cryptocurrencies on June 2018. Just before the end of March, Twitter also made an announcement that they will also be involved in the ban of the crypto-related ads, for instance, ICOs, wallet services, crypto exchanges but an exception would be made for the public corporations.

Just according to the recent news, John McAfee, who is a prominent personality and a software engineer declared that he charges up to $105,000 per tweet which is linked to the promotion of the digital current products. Earlier he had denied that he was being paid.

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