Token Sale on November 28th Declared by BANKEX, the Top-50 FinTech Company

BANKEX comes forward to fix issues apparent in current banking system by implementing Blockchain innovations

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BANKEX, the disseminated enterprise promoting Bank-as-a-Service, today declared a Token Sale Event (TSE) will be held on November 28. With the help of proprietary fintech technologies, BANKEX targets to merge the upcoming blockchain industry and conventional finance.

“We expect to create a revolutionary effect on conventional micro-financing, finance and investment, property sale, natural resources, including illiquid assets, and derivatives markets. This is a big project and will need major capital deployment. The market difference is huge, the possibility is enormous, and the goal is precise. Our company needs to bring upcoming Blockchain technologies to the prevailing banking industry,” said Pioneer and CEO of BANKEX, Igor Khmel.

Token Sale Creation Event

After accumulating soft and hard pledges worth $10 million USD in the initial fortnight of the pre-sale and private-sale time frame, BANKEX’s TSE will occur from 28/11/2017 to 28/12/2017. Concerned individuals or companies can implement BTC and ETH to take part in the vending. Peaked for retail investors at $40 million USD in both presale and public token sale, BANKEX will vend BKX tokens at a price of 500 BKX equaling 1 ETH . Efficiently carrying on collaborations with financial bodies to carry out proof-of-thoughts with pilot projects, BANKEX has seized many BKX tokens of institutional buyers.

Ffintech entrepreneur and BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel has expertise in operations, product development, and digital strategy deployment. A Stanford School of Business MBA graduate, Khmel’s career record comprises of professional work at coveted companies Deloitte, Citadel, and McKinsey. Khmel also pioneered a fintech lab and innovation center in the biggest Eastern European bank at Sberbank.

Carrying out smart contracts backed by assets tokenization, BANKEX technology allows chain finance and off-balance sheet crowdfunding on current framework, bringing about dynamic innovations for financial bodies and banks.

Conformity and safety being major concerns, BANKEX collaborates closely with cybersecurity company Group-IB in assisting counteract threats at all steps in the selling of tokens. Furthermore, all stakeholders should take part in a deep admission procedure. The secrecy is taken seriously all the way long and vulnerable personal details are not obtained. After admission, participants will get advice in an email on how to continue the presale. This email will contain the BTC/ETH address which presale donations should be drawn to.

“All assets obtained, in the process of our TSE, shall be put to affirm the success of every participant associated with BANKEX. Our goal is to be completely equipped to acheive our mission and in assuring we go on to develop and widen our group of world-class workers,” said Khmel.

Committee of Instructors

BANKEX’s celestial committee of instructors has industry specialists like Sergey Sergienko, Pioneer of Waves, Nehemia Kramer, Pioneer of Chronobank, Sasha Ivanov, a prominent financial markets tactician, Gabriele Colombo, Executive Director of Symphony Foundation, an initial investor in Ethereum, Chris Skinner, and Peter Cramton, Professor of Economics at Maryland University.

Having wide support in the industry, BANKEX’S collaborators comprise Microsoft, Dostavista: a worldwide crowdsourced delivery service which works in nine countries, ConsenSys formation Balanc3, Symphony Foundation: organization consisting of prominent US banks, and the Moscow Exchange, the biggest trading company in Russia. In May 2017 BANKEX was categorized by Financial IT’s Pathfinder Rating among the Top-50 fintech companies globally.

What is BANKEX?

Deploying industry recognized Fintech technologies, BANKEX, the disseminated organization promoting Bank-as-a-Service, targets to merge the upcoming blockchain industry and conventional finance. Implementing smart deals and allowing tokenization, the technology backs chain finance, off-balance sheet crowdfunding, and benefits outside framework, adding productive and timely answers. BANKEX’s new technologies have widespread fields of implementation and are destined to have disruptive impacts on conventional investment and finance, micro-financing, property sales, as well as natural resources, illiquid assets, and futures markets.

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