Tokyo announces the launch of the blockchain accelerator

The government of Tokyo announced that in January of 2018 they will officially launch a new blockchain accelerator

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The government of Tokyo and research Institute Nomura of the “Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo” is looking for cooperation for foreign companies that are focused on applications in areas such as the blockchain, IOT and infrastructure capital markets and want to develop their business in Tokyo. The deadline for applications will run until 24th of November, and in December they will announce the results. While the work on the accelerator will run until March next year.

With the five selected companies it plans to work on promoting their products and services in public places of the city. They will be advertised over a long period of time, with the use of digital advertising located around the stations of Shinjuku and Tokyo.

Thus, the new accelerator will be a continuation of the development of this sector, using the influence of the state. We would like to remind that this spring Japan adopted a law that recognizes Bitcoin as a method of payment and allows to pay it in the stores. And last month, regulators issued licenses to eleven Bitcoin exchanges, showing an active position of the government of Japan to the distributed technology.

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