The Top 6 Bitcoin-friendly Neighborhoods of The World

For Bitcoin fans, there are several small paradises that cryptocurrencies flourish

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If you are a Bitcoin lover and no one in your neighborhood seems to understand you or what you’re saying, then you should consider visiting some of the most Bitcoin-friendly districts in the world! And we don’t talk about big cities like London, New York or San Francisco that have already established their friendliness about the digital currency.

What do these places have in common? Fast Internet Speed, decent rent price, clean air, safety and of course, fun! Below there are 6 of the most Bitcoin-friendly neighborhoods in the world:

Amsterdam, Netherlands


This is the homeland of the Bitcoin Embassy, a community hub of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Here you can find entrepreneurs, developers, investors, startups or even some just curious strangers. Also, there is a Box Shop, a Bitcoin Cafe, and a Bitcoin Restaurant. In addition, ‘bit4coin’, a famous exchange platform is established in Amsterdam.

Douglas, Isle of Man

It has a small population of only 26,000, but the island has it’s own Bitcoin Bar, the Thirsty Pigeon, and a noodle bar that also accepts Bitcoin. The Isle of Man is the homeland of more than 25 crypto-related startups. Furthermore, the town’s regulatory framework let digital coins gambling and token sales to bloom.

Ginza, Tokyo

Japan has the right to claim the title of the “world’s most Bitcoin-friendly country”. Thousands of stores are accepting the cryptocurrency and there are many Bitcoin ATMs in the major cities. For instance, Ginza attracts Bitcoin consumers who want to spend or buy the digital currency. There they can find the Numazuko Sushi Bar, some Snack Coffee or even optician stores!

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Kreuzberg is a district that gathers the highest number of merchants that accept the cryptocurrency, such as Room77, a restaurant faithful to Bitcoin

Ngawa, China

Maybe the Chinese government isn’t very friendly towards cryptocurrencies, but Ngawa is a peaceful, cheap source of mining. You won’t find any shops that accept Bitcoin here, despite Sichuan’s crypto mining operations.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Despite its 17th century traditional houses and crafts, Portsmouth turns out it has embraced Bitcoin. For example, ‘HQ’ is a ‘Free State Bitcoin Shoppe’ that doesn’t accept fiat, but only cryptocurrencies! There’s also a farm selling its beef in exchange for Bitcoin. Many other shopkeepers support the digital currency with the help of the Anypay App.

The truth is, we have still a long road until the whole globe accepts Bitcoin. Meanwhile, for the enthusiasts who are searching a place to spend and talk about their digital coins, there are some “strongholds” where their coins and their thoughts on decentralization are welcome.

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