Twitter Inc. Suspends Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Promoting Account

Bitcoin Cash-Promoting Twitter Account Suspended

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  • @Bitcoin, the Twitter account for promoting BCH suspended.
  • Prior to the suspension, the account changed owner.

Twitter Inc.: In what seems like a Twitter battle against the Bitcoin Cash community, the twitter account for promoting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with the handle @Bitcoin, has been suspended by Twitter Inc. The action, which is more or less a continuation of the debate between BCH and BTC, sees the Twitter account for promoting BCH suspended yesterday 8th April by the social media, probably as a result of increasing numbers of complaints emanating from BTC supporters on Twitter.

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BCH ad BTC began their rivalry right from August 2017 when BCH was created as a result of a hard fork of the BTC Blockchain that took place in August 2017, with claims that it holds better features than BTC.

A major supporter of BCH and longtime cryptocurrency entrepreneur, Roger Ver, posted a tweet today stating that the suspension of the @Bitcoin handle is an attack against free speech:

Jameson Lopp, a self-confessed cypher punk, posted a comment on Roger’s tweet:

A user with handle @criptomaniaweb responded to Jameson’s post that:

Earlier yesterday, a post was found on /r/Bitcoin sub-Reddit reading:

“Twitter has finally suspended the compromised ‘@Bitcoin’ account.”

The post had lots of commentators who are very pleased with the suspension of the Bitcoin Cash supporting Twitter account. Some Reddit users assumed that Roger could possibly be the owner of the @Bitcoin account as they noticed that the tweets that both @Bitcoin and @rojerkver liked allegedly coincided. Other Reddit users said that if Roger had obtained the @Bitcoin handle by buying it, then the @Bitcoin account had contradicted Twitter’s rules:

“Buying/selling Twitter handles is supposedly against Twitter’s ToS. The @Bitcoin account has leased OAuth2 access to another publisher in the past, this access was abruptly terminated at the start of 2018 and started promoting Bitcoin(dot)com propaganda exclusively, as well as a wide range of deceptive (fraudulent) altcoin propaganda echoing Roger Ver. The account operator and Roger Ver both claim that the account was not sold but given the abrupt shift and Roger Ver’s proclivity to throw his money around to get what he wants, I think it’s likely the account changed hands.”

David Shares, a Bitcoin developer and researcher, tweeted his opinion about the suspension:

Charlie Lee took the matter with levity, posting a screenshot of the suspended account with a crying laughter emoji:

Prior to its suspension, there were indications that @Bitcoin account has gotten a new owner. The profile display picture was a Jaguar, and the third tweet before it was suspended hints that the new user might be a Turkish, it read “Turkey is so cool” featuring the Turkish flag.

This is the second time the @Bitcoin account would be suspended by Twitter Inc., this, therefore, intrigues observers since a suspended account cannot be re-registered, it was concluded that the account might have been deleted before being re-registered:

Do you also consider this action as a twitter battle between BTC and BCH? Tell us your opinion.

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