Within Two Days of Release, EOS Mainnet Freezes

EOS Mainnet Paused Two Days After Launch

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  • EOS Mainnet freezes just within two days of release.
  • DDoS attack could possibly be one of the causes for the pause of EOS network.

On Saturday 16th June, lots of tweets and a Steemit post that came in from the 21 most EOS block producers revealed that the EOS Mainnet has halted just within two days of its release.

Presently, transactions have been paused on the EOS Mainnet as the EOS block producers and “many standby nodes” struggle “to identify and fix the issue.” On Steemit, the EOS Mainnet posted an update stating that they are attending to the issue. However, what actually caused transactions on the EOS Mainnet to paused has not been ascertained yet.

One of the EOS block producer candidates, EOSUK, reported that the EOS network monitor is presently displaying several block producers as “red.” This means that their APIs have stopped responding.

EOS Mainnet lines

EOSUK tweeted that a DDoS attack could possibly be one of the causes for the pause of EOS network. which said:

21 Top BPs and Standby Nodes released a post on Steemit about 1hr after the problem was detected stating that they are devising “a method to unpause the chain”. Also, they stated that the system would resume normal operations in about 3 to 6hrs from the time they published their post.

Till date, EOS remains the most funded ICO. Right before it was launched, EOS has raked an estimate of $4 Bln. More so, EOS claims to have attained inter-blockchain communication and strives to contend with Ethereum as a platform for decentralized applications (DApps).

This news has really affected the EOS markets as its price plunged by about 3 percent within a period of 24hrs. Data from Marketcoinprice shows the altcoin presently trades at $10.58.

eos price graph

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