UFC Fight Pass Was Running A Crypto Mining Script

Users discover something odd on the Fight Pass streaming site

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Tech-savvy UFC fans took it upon themselves to bring it to the attention of social media that Coinhive, a script used to mine the Monero(XMR) cryptocurrency was embedded in the UFC’s Fight Pass Streaming service, via the HTML code of the webpage.

Internal controls need to keep up with evolving technology!

Currently, it is unknown as to where the code running the mining script came from. Was it internally planted? Or was this the result of some sort of ultra-sneaky breach?

Of course, the UFC is a very serious organization with a solid reputation. In light of recent events, a customer service representative let the public know that they are taking these matters seriously and doing all that they can to research this… Odd event.

Despite the mining code not being very harmful, I can understand the fact that users are frustrated and annoyed. It’s one thing if this was a free streaming service. However, I believe that the subscription to “Fight Pass” is about $9 a month depending on which country the UFC streaming service is used in.

Now, these accusations are not presented without due proof. Several screenshots and more info were provided on message boards. Here’s a Reddit post about the situation. Check some of the screenshots below.


ufc mining moneroufc mining monero


Most users are of the opinion that UFC’s systems were breached. Why? Well, because the company rakes in some serious cash and everyone, including me, are highly doubtful that they would try to pinch pennies in front of a moving train by secretly doing something so stupid.

Personally, I’m quite interested to know exactly how much was mined, but unfortunately, that information is not available.

Now, this isn’t the first time that famous websites have been caught in attempts to make some cash off of their user base. The controversial torrenting platform, The Pirate Bay, ran a mining script in an attempt to grab some sweet money.

Readers, you can breathe easy because this isn’t a cataclysmic event. The person or group of people that are responsible for running the mining script aren’t going to turn on your TV in the middle of the night and watch you snoozing. However, if you are concerned about your privacy, use antiviruses, firewalls, and stay up to date with tech news.

Because we as a society are becoming more and more technology dependent as the days go by. So be in the know and don’t be caught with your pants down.

Oh yeah, and the mining code has of course been removed already.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or opinions, share them down below.

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