Unconfirmed: Polish Prosecutors Possess Around 400 Million Euros In the Middle of the Allegations That Bitfinex Has Fraud

Charges Have Not Been Filed

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Reports have emerged regarding the seizure of around 400 million Euros which have been found to have a close association with Bitfinex in Cooperative bank operating in Skierniewice, Poland. The investigation is directly linked to a certain drug cartel operation. This is according to some local news on April 6. However, the organization has not denied or confirmed the report of the allegations.

Therefore, these funds which have been seized have a close association with the 400,000 Euros defrauding which happened at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was in the building of the democratic republic of Congo embassy.

Therefore, prosecutors have been looking into two accounts which are alleged to be from two corporations. One of them is said to be in the Pruszkow vicinity and is directed by an individual from the Canadian-Panamanian Descent. The other corporation, however, is headed by an individual who has both Panamanian and Colombian citizenships. Therefore, the two corporations have about $371 million in their accounts.

The second account is the one connected to Bitfinex. According to the report made by Blomberg, in 2017, Bitfinex posted some documents on their online platform directing users to a cooperative Bank account based in Skierniewice.

In Bitcoin.pl which is a polish forum, one of the customers of Bitfinex provided some information to the Polish police.

He said;

“I testified as a witness regarding the case of Crypto sp z o.o because they sent me money from Bitfinex and their accounts were blocked.”

According to today’s polish media, there was one suspicion linked to the connection between narcotics trafficking networks and crypto sp z o.o based in Panama. I the allegations there was a report that the criminals may have converted fiat to crypto.

Currently, charges have not been filed as the prosecutors are waiting for the Interpol and Europol coordination.

Bitfinex has been facing controversy and also Tether, and both received subpoenas from the US regulators. Additionally, in 2017, the Wells Fargo & Co stopped the operation of the two corporations.

Bitfinex’ed blogger was involved in publishing the concerns concerning the bank accounts, but Bitfinex made a threat to have legal actions against the blogger. Additionally, according to news, tether also is alleged to have an operation of a fractional reserve which covers the reserve discrepancy with Bitfinex.

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