UnitedHealth Group Adopts Blockchain Tech To keep Doctor’s Records

UnitedHealth Group Unveils First Blockchain Foray

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  • UnitedHealth Group plans to improve inaccurate doctor’s record with Blockchain tech.
  • The group is partnering with 3 other groups to achieve this.

Minnesota, United State: In a bid to improve inaccurate doctor’s record and keep it up to date, which according to the US government contains more than 50% of incorrect information, the UnitedHealth Group, which is the U.S. healthcare giant, is adopting the Blockchain technology and is partnering with four other groups to achieve this feat, a statement released on 2nd April confirms this.

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The goal of the new partnership is to launch a pilot project to investigate the possibility of sharing healthcare data via blockchain technology. The other 3 partners: Humana based in Kentucky, Quest Diagnostics based in New Jersey, and New York-based MultiPlan will work with the UnitedHealth Group’s subsidiary – Optum unit to address US doctor’s directories. The statement reads:

“Industry estimates indicate that $2.1 billion is spent annually across the health care system chasing and maintaining provider data. The pilot will examine how sharing data across healthcare organizations on blockchain technology can improve data accuracy, streamline administration and improve access to care.”

Presently, the mismatch in the data submitted by claimants and the actual records with insurance company always lead to delays in health claims and there is a possibility that Blockchain’s immutable ledger can perfectly eliminate these inconsistencies. Mike Jacobs, the Optum senior distinguished engineer, commented that:

“This is likely one of the very first nationwide healthcare blockchain alliances. Health care, in general, is just getting started on understanding what the appropriate uses are of this technology.”

UnitedHealth Group’s pilot project is expected to run over the summer and the groups are expected to submit findings report in the fall.

Lidia Fonseca, the chief information officer for Quest Diagnostics, said:

“We are connected to more than 650 (electronic health record) platforms and a majority of health systems and physicians in the U.S., so we bring a unique level of insight into how to connect people and organizations across health care.”

Aside UnitedHealth Group, an increasing number of businesses all over the world are making attempts to solve various problems using the Blockchain technology.

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