UTRUST Pre-ICO event exceeds soft-cap expectations

Pre-ICO event of UTRUST passes soft-cap of $10 million

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Earlier during the presale event of UTRUST, the tokens were sold out within just 90 minutes. On 2nd November 2017, UTRUST company managed to exceed the soft-cap set by the company. The investment received by UTRUST exceeded $10million soft-cap at the Pre-ICO event. This has given a boost to the UTRUST initiative for a better digital currency platform consisting consumer protection.

UTRUST is a limited liability company in Switzerland. The company shows coordination towards regulations of the Swiss government. This helps elevate the value of the company within the market. This brings hope to investors of the company being able to be a legally compliant platform in future.

The company plans to change the behavior of online transactions. The plan is to include over 2.5 billion users without banks, in the blockchain. This innovative solution will help power up the systems. The behavior and policies is somewhat similar to Pay-Pal when considering consumer protection. This will give secure transaction portals to both the buyer and the seller.

The ICO of UTRUST is one of the few that invite U.S. people for investments. The U.S. investors can buy crypto-tokens during a 12-month period that deny withdrawing investments or selling the tokens in hand. The hard-cap of the UTRUST ICO is $49 million.

Investments on the company will help to develop a cryptocurrency platform identical to PayPal. This will allow secure, low cost transactions in digital currencies using the blockchain.

Ethereum blockchain created the crypto-tokens of the company following the ERC20 guidelines. People can buy these tokens by spending normal currencies or other well-known digital currencies. A portion of these tokens dissolves after every transaction occurring with the platform, to keep the token values floating with the market demand.


The company comprises a promising team with experience. The company gathers team members from different sectors to build up synergy within the group. The board is as follows;

  • CEO – Nuno Correia
  • CIO – Filipe Castro
  • CPO – Roberto Machado
  • CTO – Artur Goulão
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