Venezuela Seeks Collaboration With Russian Governments On Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuela Is Talking With Russia About Cryptocurrency

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  • Simon Zerpa Delgado, Venezuelan Finance Minister, discussed collaboration with Russian government on Petro cryptocurrency.
  • Aerotrading, a Russian firm is already linked to the project.

Venezuela: Wednesday Feb 21., there was a meeting in Moscow between officials from the Venezuelan and Russian governments to discuss the Venezuelan newly-launched Petro cryptocurrency.

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Tweets published through his official account revealed that Simon Zerpa Delgado, the Venezuelan Finance Minister, went to Moscow on Wednesday to discuss collaboration with Minister Anton Siluanov, who represents the Russian governments. It was also made known though one missive that the subject of the petro cryptocurrency – which was revealed in December and sparked global headlines with its launch on Tuesday – was brought up during the meetings.

Delgado tweeted:

Translated as:

“In this meeting we have reviewed the economic and financial cooperation between the two countries, with emphasis on the new [cryptocurrency] of Venezuela: the Petro. We deliver the Min. Siluánov updated information about our [cryptocurrency].”

Delgado also wrote that:

“Russia and Venezuela will continue to strengthen their trade balance. We will continue advancing in the construction of a multipolar and pluricentric world, free of imperial tensions.”

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Though, from the messages, it is not clear the role that the Russian government would play in the development of the petro cryptocurrency, which President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has pledged would be used to evade international sanctions imposed on the country. However, a Russian company named Aerotrading has been linked to the project, as reported previously.

There had been mixed reactions among the Venezuelan citizens to the launch of petro cryptocurrency, while some called it a vehicle for corruption others hail the currency as part of a “new economic era.”

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