Venezuelan Seven Star Hotel Accepts Petro

The Hotel was Officially Opened

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Luxury Priced Petro

Humboldt Hotel is one of the Caracas landmarks and also seen as a fascinating XX century metropolitan architecture model. Its main location of Waraira Repano national park which is between Venezuela Caribbean Coastline and the capital. It is a 19 Storey construction on the Avila Mountain and is 2,140 meters Above Sea Level and offers a wide view which stretches to the skyline. It is made of 70 luxury suites and accommodations where the entire hotel is made of the aluminum and cut-glass cover on the facade. Conference accommodations, the social areas, cable car and also a pool are the amenities guests will pay with Petro.

The hotel was built in 1956 by Dictator Marcos Jimenez initiative and was primarily to be a part of entertaining and tourism complex which connected the shoreline area with Caracas. Humboldt at that time has world-class hospitality industry quality with various first-class restaurants, dance floor composed of a disco and also an ice rink. When Jimenez’s resigned in 1958, the hotel was closed. However, in 1991, it was opened by an Italian shareholder. In 2007, it was nationalized by the government and closed.

President Maduro was part of the present reopening in Humboldt and claimed this hotel will be the first seven-star hotel in the area and accept Petro as a means of payment. Visitors can now buy Petro in the exchange bureau which will be located in the hotel which was renovated and run by Marriott.

Crypto Exchange Points across Venezuela

Maduro made a post of a video while opening the facility and stated;

“We want the Humboldt hotel to become a model for the application of the Petro. Tourism, sooner rather than later, should become the second largest collector of international wealth”.

Therefore, Maduro thinks that the tourism industry can be a thrust to the country’s economy and help the nation get out of the harsh economic disaster. He also made an announcement that various crypto change points were to be opened in various points and units of the nation. Nevertheless, the seven-star standard has not been used before since we are all familiar with the five-star hotels.

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