Winklevoss Twins say their exchange Gemini may offer more coins

Gemini exansion

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The Winklevoss brothers who are the co-founders of Gemini have said that their main aim in 2018 will be to expand to other tokens such as Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Gemini which currently hosts Bitcoin and Ethereum want all more options for their customers. Their comments were well received and had huge significance for the Cboe Global Markets Inc. since the two are partners for Bitcoin futures. Cboe had previously indicated that it wanted to offer futures contracts on other digital currencies apart from Bitcoin, but it needed Gemini’s help.

Gemini and Cboe have a contract where Gemini has an obligation to provide data to calculate Cboe’s contracts. The company is now likely to add Ethereum futures given that Gemini trades it. Apart from Ethereum expanding further would require Gemini to add more digital currencies to enable Cboe to have a variety to choose from. Tyler Winklevoss stated that the agreement with Cboe is licensed and scalable and they knew that they would be required to expand in terms of offerings.

Tyler believes that Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin would be a good deal in increasing Gemini’s offerings and even for competition with main rivals like coinbase. Adding these coins would add both values to them and to the exchange too just like it happened when Coinbase added Bitcoin Cash.

The two brothers who were speaking in an event in Florida supported a statement by SEC which required all platforms serving as venues for a crypto asset that re securities to register with the commission as a national exchange or to qualify for an exemption.

The two brothers added that they were not worried about the recent slowdown in Bitcoin saying that it had happened before and that the long trend was still in the right direction. According to them customer quality and institutional base are now better than a year ago, and more to that futures had started off to a very good start:

“In this year you will see institutions and Wall Street get in, and everything is going to look very different.” Tyler Concluded.

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