Zcash Added to Circle Crypto Investment App

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Circle will be adding Zcash which is a privacy-focused crypto to its offerings list in the investment application. This startup was announced on Monday.

Circle invest platform users can now make a purchase and also make investments in the cryptocurrencies. This is according to the explanation of the organization in a blog post. Therefore, the token has joined Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum classic, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin as the existing cryptocurrencies in the application.

The startup wrote;

“Our mission for Circle Invest is to democratize access to investing in crypto assets for every consumer. Making the wider breadth of assets available on Circle Invest will continue to be a part of this mission, and of course doing our best to ensure that we bring the crypto without the cryptic to everyone, anywhere.”

The investment application was shown to the public last year but was launched in March. This is according to CoinDesk report at the time. However, even though it was excluded for some time, the US residents, especially in New York City, can access the application. This is according to the company reports. However, in the other states which are Hawaii, Wyoming, and Minnesota, the application is unavailable. Rachel Mayer who is Circles investment senior product manager confirmed this.

She informed CoinDesk that “Circle has an established working group dedicated to finding the best crypto assets for our customers.” However, she did not explain why they chose Zcash.

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