Zcash Developers Release New Software That Supports Sapling Upgrade

New Zcash Software Sets Stage for 'Sapling' Upgrade

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  • Zcash developers released new software that supports Sapling upgrade.
  • This upgrade is supposed to speed up Zcash’s transaction.

Zcash cryptocurrency developers have recently released a new software that offers support for Zcash’s planned Sapling upgrade, which is set to occur later this year.

This sapling upgrade, which is set to take place later in June this year, is not the first hard fork for Zcash. However, according to a note released yesterday 30th May, the 1.1.1 update places the initial consensus rules in place as prepares a Sapling-based testnet.

It has been earlier reported that the sapling update was first revealed by the Zcash developing team in February 2017, with the aim of hastening up transactions on the network.

As stated in the blog post:

“As a reminder, because the Sapling activation height is not yet specified for mainnet, version 1.1.1 will behave similarly as other pre-Sapling releases even after a future activation of Sapling on the network. Upgrading from 1.1.1 will be required in order to follow the Sapling network upgrade on mainnet.”

Zooko Wilcox, who is the co-founder and CEO of Zerocoin Electric Coin Company – the company that developed the network, stated in March:

“The purpose of this is to get practice doing network upgrades.”

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