The idea of making passive income is a dream for many. But in 2021, many people have made it a reality through trading cryptocurrencies. The very nature of the crypto world is ideal for setting up streams of passive income, particularly through trusted and reliable trading platforms like Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin. Recently, many traders were overjoyed upon hearing the news that the two platforms had partnered up.

Amongst a plethora of less than credible platforms that offer phony get rich quick schemes, many new investors go with the first platform they find online without doing their research and often lose money as a result. To avoid this, new traders should seek our platforms with a good reputation, easy useability, and one free from false promises. Two platforms of this caliber are Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin.

“Many observers have seen this partnership merge of the two platforms as vital towards the future development of automated crypto trading.”

Very recently, the Bitcoin Digital platform acquired another reputable platform, Tomocoin. This led to a major boost in the performance of the platform and made it even more user-friendly. Many observers have seen this partnership merge of the two platforms as vital towards the future development of automated crypto trading.

Automated trading is often wrongly seen as being too good to be true. There are still a significant number of new traders who are apprehensive of using automated trading technology. However, it’s thought that the merge between Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin will increase people’s overall understanding of automated trading and make the concept easy to understand for new investors. Let’s look at how!

How will the merger of Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin benefit investors?

How will the merger of Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin benefit investors?

For those new to investing in crypto, there are two aspects of the technology that can act as stumbling blocks to entry. The first is how to buy digital currencies, to begin with. The second is what to do with them afterward whether it’s securely holding them or using them to buy things. The merger between Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin aims to answer these two issues once and for all.

Bitcoin Digital is a well-established automated trading robot used by new and experienced traders around the world. Rather than relying on emotion and bias as humans do, the trading robot analyzes the market and executes trades when the market is favorable. Potentially allowing you to make largely risk-free passive income.

Tomocoin, on the other hand, is working to create a highly efficient blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications, token issuance, and integration. It boasts a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet that gives financial control back to the end-users and is expected to bridge the gap between a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a mainstream user.

With these two groundbreaking forms of technology, many expect this partnership between Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin to make crypto more accessible and easier to understand for a wide range of people potentially increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrency by 10-fold if done correctly.

Overall, there’s a lot of positive opinions that expect this merger to provide a range of advantages to new and experienced traders alike. In addition, many crypto enthusiasts are keen to take advantage of the following benefits of the partnership between Bitcoin Digital and Tomocoin:

An interface that’s easy to use and beginner-friendly

Both platforms were renowned for their user-friendly interface prior to the merge. But together, it’s only predicted to be improved further. Rather than bogging down newcomers with too much information, the site design of both platforms is simple and straightforward. This makes it convenient for new users and increases the potential of crypto adoption.

Excellent customer support

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, you may face various difficulties working with different platforms. This is no reason to give up. The combined efforts of the customer support service are ready to help you with any problem.

Fully automated trading robots

With a fully automated trading robot, it’s not necessary for new users to constantly monitor the crypto market and study charts. Instead, the robot secures investments based on user preference and executes them for profit when the time is right. By taking away emotion and human bias from trading, it can potentially contribute to a profitable investing experience and encourage further crypto investing.

Minimal deposit

The myth that investing is only for the wealthy is a harmful stereotype that is thankfully being vanquished. The merger between these two platforms is a testament to that. To start trading, you only need to place a deposit of just $250! This is a price that’s relatively affordable for a wide range of people. But naturally, the more you deposit, the more profits you can potentially reap.

Lightning-fast withdrawals to your Tomocoin wallet

And last but certainly not least is withdrawal speeds. Thanks to the addition of Tomocoin’s innovative blockchain technology, withdrawals are extremely fast. You can withdraw your profits to spend or transfer them to your Tomocoin wallet to HODL for long-term investing.

To round off, the merger of Tomocoin and Bitcoin Digital is a piece of positive crypto news. This new partnership is expected to have the potential to bring significant changes in the world of crypto trading. Not only has it made it more affordable and accessible to crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, but it has also overcome some of the main barriers to entry that many new investors may face.

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