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Cryptocurrency taxes to be made easier in India.

Many crypto investors are quite confused when it comes to filing taxes on their cryptocurrency gains. Thankfully, steps are being made in this direction to make the process smoother. As is the case regarding the recent Zebpay and Cleartax…

Litecoin gaining serious popularity in the dark web.

According to recent news, Litecoin has been gaining popularity in the dark web as of recent. Apparently, parties behind illicit transactions aren't so happy with bitcoins transaction speeds and congested Blockchain. With some even waiting…

Telegram ICO headed towards 2 billion USD.

Pavel Durovs Telegram ICO is reportedly getting quite close to raising 2 billion USD. If successful, this will be the largest Initial Coin Offering to hit the market. And will most likely play a pivotal role in solidifying the industries…

Binance is moving to Malta!

Binance has been heading headlines recently amidst a bit of regulatory uncertainty coming from Asian regulatory authorities. Upon this pressure, it appears that Binance has made a decision to relocate its base of operations to Malta.